52 Weeks Of Jokes

When people are asked what’s important in their lives, they often mention humor. Couples listing the traits they prize in their spouses usually put “sense of humor” at or near the top.

While there is only speculation about how humor developed in early humans, we know that by the 6th century BCE, the Greeks had institutionalized it in the ritual known as comedy, and that it was performed with a contrasting dramatic form known as tragedy. One version of comedy is the joke.

Not only does such joking foster rationality and provide pleasure, but it reduces or eliminates the combination of fear and/or anger called “stress,” which is at epidemic levels in the industrialized world.

We present here, an assortment of jokes and quips. The first section of the book deals with stories and satire of the human species. The second section offers a collection of quick one-liners that can be told in a wide variety of environments. None of these jokes and quips are clean; but they’re funny. Have you ever needed a funny story or a quick one-liner to tell? 52 Weeks may be the answer for you. This book is a collection of humorous stories (52) and one-liners (52) designed in an easy to follow topical index.

Be the life of the party for any social event, conferences and gatherings among friends, as you entertain with stories that are connected to your current conversations. There is a topical story and a one-liner for each week of the year and your guests are sure to admire your ability to put a smile on their faces.

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