Salad, Slaws and Dressings

This cookbook was inspired by the idea that food does not have to be complicated to taste good. The salad recipe’s, which come from a variety of sources, were created to be enjoyed all year round as a main meal, part of a sharing plate or as a side dish.

Every recipe combines ingredients that work harmoniously together. They are practical, tasty, and simple enough to enjoy on a regular basis; full of nourishing, healthy ingredients.

Good food is real food, such as dark greens, bright pineapple, or a savory addition of herbs and spices. Not every recipe will appeal to every reader, but there is enough content to give healthy suggestions for any setting.

Chapters are identified by a core ingredient, be it Beans, Chicken, Fruit or Potato, but no single ingredient is king – it is the perfect combinations that makes the dish.

This book is the first in a series from StarShow Publications, designed to make your meal preparations a bit easier. Please check out the rest of the series as they become available at www.starshowpublications.com

Book 2 – Appetizers
Book 3 – Desserts
Book 4 – Main Dishes

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