The author Charles Massie continues to amaze me with his books. I have the entire collection and I’m looking forward to the time he brings out Hardbound editions.

Lynda, Customer

The Boy in The Bin is a wonderful, but strange novel. I lived in New York City once and the landmarks bring back a lot of memories. The message of the book is truly spiritual and I recommend it for for all age groups of readers.

Sarah, Customer

There are some books¬†I have bought and are just ‘eh’ about. This one, hands down is a great story. The author tells the tell of events that he lived through; and survived. I highly recommend The Red Road to Hades for anyone who enjoys a good true-crime story. I hope it is made into a movie someday.

Feldhouse, Customer

I laughed until I cried at some of the jokes in 52 Weeks of Jokes. I thought the handy pocket size of the book made it easy for me to carry around with me. These are jokes that will probably offend just about anyone. Check it out if you need a ‘Humor Break’.

Feldhouse, Customer

Everything recipe is nicely accessible inside the Salad and Slaws book. I can’t wait for the rest of the series to be published.

Mores, Customer