The Boy in The Bin

Raphael isn’t well liked. He is an intelligent boy, quick witted and never at a loss for words. But Raphael came into life with a cleft palate; a harelip. He a soul constantly teased by others. As an only child, he is spoiled by his doting parents. Because of this and his disability, he develops quite an attitude. Fighting constantly because of his ideas of entitlement, his actions cause problems at school until gets expelled. His father is forced to find another institution to further his learning.

One of his favorite after-school activities is getting ‘Five Finger Discounts’ from the local vendors. Naturally he gets arrested and the court sends him to a teen rehabilitation camp. During his stay, his father is the victim of a contract murder. Upon his release, he returns to school, but shortly afterward, he is accused of the molestation of a young girl. This time, the court sends him to jail. Incarceration is difficult for him, but he completes his sentence and returns home again.

He spends his idle hours, running with a gang of other teens, who enjoy any form of mayhem. Shoplifting, vandalizing and arson are all part of his daily routine. Now, the hand of fate steps into Raphael’s life. His house burns down, killing his mother and leaving him an orphan. When the police try to question him, he runs away and begins living in a storage bin; wanted by the law, he is forced to go through a series of strange events, where ultimately, the errors of his life are shown to him. He is given a new outlook. Just as he is about to embrace his new life of peace, he overhears a plot to kill the President of the United States. Now a gang of ruthless assassins are after him; in addition to the police. Hard choices are on the horizon.

This is the story of a young boy’s coming of age; the point in his life where he takes his first steps at being responsible for himself and others. This story explores growing up and being spiritually awakened at the same time.

This is a story that will  give you hope.

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